Maplewell School employability workshops


By: Nicola Seika

The Get set team recently visited Maplewell Hall School, a specialist school for students with a statement of educational needs, to deliver employability workshops to 52 students aged 16-18.

The workshops were all interactive and based around the following themes:

Workshop 1: Self-esteem.

The Get Set project recognise that there is a strong link between job searching and confidence- and normally during this period your confidence is going to be at its lowest.

For this reason we introduced the Garden of Greatness; a fun activity which encouraged the young people to reflect on their qualities or talents to help enhance their self-esteem and to feed back to friends and peers on the qualities they appreciate about each other.

What was great about this workshop is that it also made for a lovely wall display and is an activity that the tutors at Maplewell Hall School will explore further in the future.


‘It was a weird feeling being told all these nice things about myself because I have never heard them before. It’s made me feel really happy that my friends all think these things about me.’

Workshop 2: A bang tidy CV

Knowing what information to include on your CV and how to structure it can be baffling. This workshop was therefore tailored to do exactly that – teach the students what makes a good CV, and sometimes more importantly, what makes a bad one! We provided the group with a handful of phrases and as a team they had to decide what they would include on a good example of a CV and what they would throw in the bin.

Can you guess which personal profile made it onto the good CV?

  • A motivated and hard-working school leaver seeking to gain an entry level position where I can apply my existing skills and experience of customer service within a retail environment. I have experience from within the private sector in sales procedures including cash handling, stock taking and shop floor maintenance.


  • A fun outgoing 16 year old, looking for that right job in retail, where I get to help customers choose amazing outfits. My career aim is to be on the Xfactor one day.


(I’ll give you a hint… we don’t recommend that you talk about your dream of starring on the Xfactor)

‘This workshop was really useful. I haven’t got a CV yet but I now know exactly what I need to put on there’


Workshop 3: Appropriate behaviour in the workplace

So you have managed to get over the first hurdle of securing a job- Now you just have to keep it!

We created 5 small role play scenarios around timekeeping, teamwork, honesty, attitude and presentation. The students then had to decide whether we were demonstrating a positive or negative example and explain why.

This was a fun opportunity for me to test out my acting abilities….and the students seemed to enjoy it too!

‘The roleplay was really funny. I couldn’t stop laughing and I will be sure not to make those mistakes when I get a job’



This was a fantastic partnership with the school delivering bespoke and tailored employability training to their students and tied in nicely with their morning activity of visiting employers, Caterpillar and Tesco, to find out more about what it is like to have a job.

Ann Proctor, Work experience Coordinator said ‘I would to thank the team for the brilliant workshops that you did with our students.  They all really enjoyed it and I especially liked the making of the flowers which are still up on the wall’





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