It’s been a while…


By: Jonny Gale



Since my last blog (sorry it’s been so long) I have got up to quite a few things!


About a month ago, myself and the team visited the CYCLe youth council to get some creative feedback about a new employability pack that Get Set are creating. We wanted to know, ‘as a young person what would make you read this and not just throw it under your bed, to be lost forever?’ The group came up with loads of creative ideas about the design element of the pack, the language used and what content should be provided. It’s shaping up to be a really good read!



Reading Well Launch-Group PhotoeditI also recently supported the launch of Shelf-Help, a Reading Well campaign which provides young people with books on a wide-range of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders and self-harm. Myself and Get Setters Bhumiti and Jacob, were asked to read a ‘self-help’ book and write a review about the book and how it helped us. We then read out our reviews for the launch event, in front of a crowd of at least 50 people.  I felt that this went surprising well and we were also made famous by having our picture in the Loughborough Echo! Well done to both Bhumiti and Jacob for their excellent reviews!

In my day to day tasks, I have kept on top of filing and updating databases for both Get Set and volunteering. Both HistoryPin and Pinterest are also looking good for the Century of Stories team and I am always adding to them both (I’ll leave a link to both below- go check them out!). I also have been helping Nicola populate the Get Set jobs bulletin and I have been given access to update and create new stories and articles on the Century of Stories website!  This has also provided me with the opportunity to use Photoshop; from piecing together separate scanned in images to creating a collage to go onto social media! I have been enjoying doing this and have learnt a lot about Photoshop as I had never really used it before I started my apprenticeship.


I look forward to continuing to attend training sessions, learning new skills and hopefully meeting more of the young people on the Get Set project.

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