Get Set supports Autism Awareness Month


By: Nicola Seika

Get Set has successfully supported 166 young people into bespoke and unique placements based within departments of Leicestershire County Council. We aim to be inclusive in our approach and have successfully supported over 102 individual young people (61% of total Get Setters) who have a declared disability. These include autism, mental health conditions (anxiety, depression and psychosis) sensory impairments, physical disabilities and learning disabilities or differences.

It is a common fact that people who have a disability (whether that be physical, learning or mental health) face more barriers than their counterparts in securing employment, and we’re not alone in our belief that it should never be this way. Get Set aims to champion for the rights of young people, raise awareness of the barriers they may face and help break these down

The project recently supported Autism awareness month and in partnership with mentors and young people, joined in with a national social media campaign!


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