Cookies Policy

What is a cookie?

  • A cookie is a small file downloaded onto a device such as a computer or mobile phone when you visit a website.
  • It allows the website to recognise your device if you return to the same website
  • Cookies cannot be used to identify you personally


How are they used?

They are used for a variety of purposes including the following:
  • They enable a service to recognise your device so you don’t have to give the same information several times during one task
  • By recognising that you may already have given a username and password, you don’t need to do it for every web page requested
  • They measure how many people are using services, so they can be made easier to use
  • They provide Analysis data to help us understand how you use our site and services


Cookies used by Leicestershire County Council

On the homepage of you will be given the option to accept or decline our cookies onour entire site. By selecting ‘Yes’ you agree to allow cookies to be stored on your computer.
By selecting ‘No’ only cookies that provide basic functionality of the site will be used and they will not be stored on your computer. Therefore you will be asked at each visit if you wish to accept cookies, as we will have no record of your previous visit.
The cookies used on  are listed below:

Our strictly necessary cookies

Choosing to accept cookies

To ensure we remember you choice to accept cookies we install a cookie on your site called  ‘Lccookie’. If you wish to remove cookies on your site please use your browser settings to disable cookies.

Cookie Name Expiry Time Description
Lccookie 1 year This cookie allows you to accept cookies on our site.

Session Cookies

Session cookies are essential in order to enable you to move around our website. They capture the information you enter on our website and the pages you visit whilst you browse our site. They help you to navigate more easily by allowing you to scroll through several pages and retrace your steps by using the back button on your browser. These cookies expire after you leave our website.

Some of our online forms and surveys (using thirdy party applications) also have cookies which will expire when you leave the site. These are also temporary cookies.
Cookie Name Expiry Time Description
ASP.NET_sessionid At end of session A third party cookie from that helps you to browse across our website.
AWSELB At end of session A third party cookie from to help us monitor the feedback you leave on our site.
ARPT At end of session Helps you to browse across our website.
ANONID At end of session Temporary cookie.
firmstep2session At end of session A session cookie used to maintain the session when you fill out a form on our site.
firmstep2server At end of session
A session cookie used to ensure that the user connects to the correct server. This cookie is required for AchieveForms to work.
At end of session
Temporary cookie used when you access our forms.
At end of session
Temporary cookie used when you access our forms.
At end of session
A secure cookie used when you access our forms.

Performance Cookies

At times we will use tools to help us monitor your behaviour and responses to the information and media tools on our site. These cookies help us to review if our website is performing well with you browser.

Anonymous Cookies

Every time you visit our website, Google Analytics software creates anonymous analytics cookies. These cookies are used to tell us how many visitors use and how long they are spending on our website. They also tell us what methods you have used to get to our website.

Cookie Name Expiry Time Description
_utma 2 years Used to distinguish users and sessions.
_utmb 30 mins from set/update Used to determine new sessions/visits.
_utmc End of browser session Temporary cookie.
_utmv 2 years from set/update Stores the traffic source or campaign that explains how you reached our site.
_utmz 6 months from set/update Used to store visitor-level custom variable data.

Third party cookies

Third party websites can be accessed by clicking on some of the links on our website. Some websites may be listed to help you find the information you are looking for. These sites will also have their own cookie policy which will tell you what cookies they are using when you browse their sites.
Social media sites such as Facebook, You Tube and Twitter are also used to promote the activity of Leicestershire County Council. Please refer to the cookie policy on all third party sites for further information.

Third party applications

Cookie Name
Expiry Time
1 year
A persistent cookie which indicates that a customer has rejected the survey and will not be invited to participate in this version of the survey again until the cookie expires.
1 day
A persistent cookie which indicates that a customer has accepted the survey and is either in the process of completing it or has completed it
1 year
Used by Socitm Insight Website take-up service to test whether placing permanent cookies is permitted. It is deleted immediately after being placed. It has a duration of 365 days and contains the value ‘123’.

How can you remove cookies?

Allowing your browser to accept cookies on will help you to login to forms and use all the services on our site. We recommend you accept cookies on to navigate more easily on our site.
You may stop accepting cookies on our site. However you may find some areas of the site do not work as well. All web browsers will allow you to change your cookie settings. These settings will typically be found in the ‘options’ or ‘preferences’ menu of your browser. Please use the links below for information on how to remove cookies on your browser.


Find out more about cookies

You can find out more about cookies by visiting the following sites: Webwise) (Information Commisioner’s Website)