Here at Get Set, we are committed to supporting you to develop the skills, experience and confidence you need to go on to work towards securing employment. The team who you will be working with are…

Savita Vaid,

Get Set Project Coordinator

I joined Leicestershire County Council in late 2013 to lead on the Get Set project after three years of working with Care Leavers in Leicester City. I have relished every job and volunteering opportunity I have had and they have all taught me something distinct about myself; this is exactly what drew me to my current role… I hope that every young person who participates in Get Set learns something about who they are and how they can contribute to their local community, society and their own development. I’ve always been really passionate about supporting young people to fulfil their potential and understand the importance of encouraging participation and learning. We all have our own talents, strengths and skills and we can only learn what they are when we are given the opportunity to be challenged and actively use these traits. When we discover the unique ‘edge’ we have and build the confidence to share it, wonderful things can happen.     

Nicola Seika,

Get Set Project Support Officer

A recent history graduate who like most young people began their career unemployed and struggling to find a job. After a few knock backs I was eventually lucky enough to secure a 3 month internship with Leicestershire County Council as a Volunteer Support Officer. As part of my role I was involved in designing the Get Set project from the very beginning and I credit the skills and experience I gained during my internship in helping me secure my current role as Get Set Project Support Officer.

I am really excited to now be able to support other young people to recognise their potential, gain new skills and confidence and take their first steps into securing a job.

Amanda Hanton,

Volunteer Development Manager

I believe in the power of volunteering to allow people to explore what they want from their career path, test the options, gain new skills and move forward. It can challenge your perceptions and shape your life path. I set up Get Set because I know it will work! I have a Criminology Degree and a Masters in Social Research. I am a master scuba diver and love being underwater. I travelled the world for 6 years volunteering with different communities facing challenges from Aboriginal tribes in Australia, homeless children with HIV and AIDS in Ethiopia and Palestinian refugees in Beirut. With ‘only’ volunteering as experience I secured my first job as project manager for a national volunteering pilot in Nottingham. After three years I managed 11 staff and supported over 500 young people. I have been supporting volunteers with Leicestershire County Council for 5 years and my passion is enabling and empowering individuals and groups to thrive regardless of the challenges life throws.

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Savita, Amanda, Nicola

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