‘A local alternative to unpaid internships’- Article by Roshni Mistry


By: Roshni Mistry

Roshni Mistry completed her Get Set placement as a Project Assistant with the SEND project and has since gone on to secure employment with LGIU: Local Government Information Unit!

She has written a thought providing article about why Get Set is a fantastic alternative to unpaid internships, demonstrating just why local authorities are in a unique postion to postively offer such schemes!

 “While many young people can benefit from unpaid internships, those who come from lower income families simply do not have the money to work for free in full time roles. This is the position I found myself in after graduation. Luckily, my local authority, Leicestershire County Council, offers young people the chance to gain meaningful work experience within the council alongside mentoring, CV and interview preparation and personal support.

For me, the support and guidance into work from my local authority was a lifeline. I could not afford to work full time in an unpaid position to gain work experience. Although my work experience with the council was not paid, I was never out of pocket and was reimbursed for any expenses. The scheme was tailored to how many days I could commit to in the week, so I had part time retail job for income. After a couple of months at the council I was offered a full time paid internship (London living wage) at LGiU, which then became a permanent position. I am confident that I would not have got this job without the work experience and support offered by my local council.”

  • Extract taken from the article ‘A local alternative to unpaid internships’, by Roshni Mistry. To read the full article please visit http://www.lgiu.org.uk/2017/04/26/a-local-alternative-to-unpaid-internships/

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